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Matching! Matching! Matching items!

Okay, this is another reason I started sewing. Which little kid doesn't want to wear the same clothes as mommy( or daddy)!

I made this pair of overalls from macaroon canvas "leftovers". I brought the fabric to make my daughter a backpack, yes a backpack for an one year old and I used the leftover fabric to make an adult and a kid overall. Obviously I brought way way way too much! - that's me, always buying too much fabric...

mommy and me matching overall

Of course, I need to also show you the bag I made.

macaroon backpack

And since the macaroon overalls are so cute, I made another pair in watermelon. We love watermelon in summer.

mommy and me watermelon overall

Oh there is more watermelon, we are really crazy about watermelon. My daughter's top is 100% cotton with a looser fit to make it extra breathable in the heat. Daddy's short is made out of super wicking stretch woven from Discovery Fabric in BC. It is super breathable and stretchy, such an amazing choice for summer shorts(I also made some work pants in water repellent stretch woven, and it's super durable. Amazing for hiking, gardening and most of different works). I source all my technical fabric from there, they have the most amazing fabric!

daddy and me  matching

Oh no no no, do not think I am done with our matching outfits. Matching slippers! The slippers are made from an upcycle wool blanket, minky lining, tough-tek sole with a layer of insole in between to add comfort.

matching slippers

Tough-tek is a super durable plastic kind of fabric (sheet?) with good grip, thus, a great material for slipper sole. I also make my doggo's winter with those.

kid slipper

I am not done with all these matching items. There will certainly be more. I love the flexibilities of making our own garment. It's unique, it's customized and I can make matching item for all my loved ones.

Drop me a message if you have any matching items you wish to have, I will help you deliver them :)


- Iting

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