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Yes, I also make dolls

Firstly, let me introduce you Alice. A very simple looking doll that my daughter play with the most. I love that she's simple (so, less hassle to make) and yet so original and cute. I didn't make her a mouth, I don't remember why. I think I just simply forget.

Handmade doll
And this is Mia. We went to a wooded area Airbnb last summer and my daughter play with the host's daughter's barbie so much I thought it was time to buy her a plastic doll (but still not barbie). The doll is from Our Generation and it is a normal looking doll, without make ups or ridiculous big eyes. I know little girl loves the hair of a doll so that they can comb and do many different hairstyle. But poor Mia got her hair stuck in our cleaning robot one night and it was a disaster. Since then I do brush her hair regularly (more than brushing my own hair) and always keep her in pigtails. But the sculp of the doll kinda freak me out....
Oh, I do make her clothes tho, my daughter has the same matching pair as Mia in this picture.
The last one but not least, this is Ripley, a Waldorf inspired doll. This is actually the first doll I made, I didn't even have a sewing machine at the time and everything on Ripley is hand sewed, I don't know why I didn't make her something to wear. Probably because we have a teddy bear hoodie the teddy bear no long wear( because teddy bear was chewed and destroyed by our dog) that we usually put on her.
Waldorf Doll
Well, okay Ripley is not the last because I am currently working on another Waldorf inspired doll. But then I ran out of supply and now waiting for them to arrive at my door patiently. - This is what might happen if you order something with the fabric I don't have in stock, we both need to wait patiently for the fabric to arrive ;) But still so excited for the new doll!
- Iting

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