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Free Shipping for order over $250
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About Me

Hello, my name is Iting. I started knitting couple months after my daughter was born, I wanted to make her wool soakers. During my research on diaper making, I thought sewing was crazy, I will never be able to sew and it seemed so complicated.

Well guess what, 2 months into the COVID pandemic, I found an used sewing machine on Facebook (and actually from our back neighbour) and started my sewing journey. I can't imagine living without my sewing machine now (I mean, what do I do when I suddenly decide I want a new dress in the middle of the night!?).

The Product

I now made most of my daughter's clothes, I will (try to)share all my makes in the blog, if you see anything you like there but not in the product list, please feel free to email/ message me. I am share I can help you with it too. EVERYTHING in the shop is handmade by myself, so it can be highly customized according to the wearer's body measurement. If she/he has longer legs, no problem, she/he no longer has to wear pants that's too short nor the pants that's too loose. I will make she/he a pair that fit correctly.

The Quality

Me and my family live in Quebec, so you can imagine the winter can be tough. It is not easy to find right winter gears for the little ones. So this is where I want to focus on, I make garments with technical fabrics that help the little ones to stay warm and not too bulky to limit their movement. When it's summer, let's just have fun with all the pretty dresses, UPF swimwear and hats.

Lead Time

As mentioned above, all items are handmade by me. Depends on the fabric of your choice, I might or might not have it in stock. The processing time of the order can be between 1 to 6 weeks, however, rush order is possible. Please email/ message me to discuss the possibilities.